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Where We Stayed: Oberdrauburg, Austria

Gasthof Post

Gasthof Post is a family-run inn located in the village center of Oberdrauburg, a few miles outside of Lienz. During the night of our stay, most of the guests were European cyclists in a tour group stopping for the night. The gentleman who checked us in (apparently the dad of the family) was very friendly but did not speak English. Once our German ran out and communication broke down, he fetched his son, who spoke English and was also very hospitable.

Gasthof Post's main building

The Gasthof Post is actually housed in 2 buildings that are across the street from each other. Our room was in the secondary building (Stainer Haus), which might partly explain our not-so-great experience. The Stainer Haus was not as well equipped as the main one. Whereas the main building had an elevator and wifi access in the restaurant, we had spiral marble staircases and no wifi signal. As for the stairs, they had character: I would be less likely to complain if I hadn't been traveling with a 2-year-old who isn't used to them at home. I imagine that the the wifi in the restaurant was probably accessible in the main building's guest rooms. It seems like it would be possible to set up wifi in the secondary building as well.

The biggest issue we had during our stay was that we didn't sleep well. The bed in the room was pretty short--I'm guessing it was less than 6 feet long. At 5'8", I had sufficient (but not plentiful) room. My husband, who is 6'2", was in a tough spot. Because the bed had a footboard, he couldn't just dangle his feet off the bed. He ended up angling himself--and taking up room on my side--so he could fit. Then, at around 1:30 AM, we awoke to the sound of techno music that seemed to be coming from a bar down the street. Who would have thought that a club would wake us up in this sleepy little town? Fortunately, we did eventually get back to sleep. Again, perhaps this is not an issue in the other building, as it is farther from the bar that we suspect was playing the music.

I have seen people post really positive reviews of Gasthof Post, so perhaps our experience was just a fluke. Maybe they stayed in the other building. Maybe it was a particularly wild night at the bar. Who knows? Still, it's hard to recommend this place based on our experience.

Air conditioning: no. We did have the window cracked open because it was a little warm. I recognize that this only made the techno music louder, but you have to expect that many people are going to open a window on a summer night. Besides, the music was loud enough that I think we would have heard it through a closed window.
Bathroom: shower with detachable head and handle, no tub.
Blow dryer: yes
Breakfast: included with the room. The food was good. They had bacon, soft-boiled eggs, breads and jams, yogurt, juice, cereal and muesli. In addition, they had cold cuts, cheeses, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
Crib: yes, traditional style
Elevator: main building only
Internet: wifi available in the restaurant, perhaps in all of the main building. None in our Stainer Haus room.
Nearest playground: their website says that there is a play area in the courtyard. This would have been in the main building. I wish I could report on it. We did not see it, probably because we were in the Stainer Haus. We asked the son where the nearest playground was and he referred us to a park about a 5-minute walk away. He never mentioned anything being in the courtyard, and we forgot that it was mentioned in the website. Maybe he thought we were specifically looking for a park? My daughter enjoyed the park, though.


Recommend to childless friends: If they are under 6 feet tall and like techno
Recommend to friends with young kids: see above
(In all seriousness, I would advise both groups to look elsewhere first. If Gasthof Post still seems like the best bet, try to get a room in the main building.)
Website (in German):http://www.gasthofpost.at/

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